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Sprouts are the perfect raw food. (excerpt from the Sprout People) They are easy to grow, simple, and tasty to eat. SInce the agrarian era, people have been sprouting seeds because they offer dense nutrition and easy energy. No cooking is required, yet all the nutrients of the same seeds cooked are present in the sprout. In fact, minerals in many sprouted foods increase while fat content is lowered. And sprouts are full of the digestive enzymes needed for metabolism. When you eat sprouts, they literally digest themselves--leaving your body free to work on more important things!

Sprouts are very versatile and can be made into delicious dishes from all over the world. Sprouted legumes can be made into anything from salads to dips to burger patties. Grain sprouts a can be transformed into moist, chewy breads with a dehydrator -- or just your oven set to Low. And leafy sprouts are a salad by themselves, and so good on a sandwich, in a pita, or stuffed into a veggie roll. With just a dash of spice or dressing a few handfuls of sprouts are transformed into a raw meal. Sprouts enhance the flavors and textures of many raw dishes. 


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