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Empowerment Oils for Professionals

This page is for professionals seeking to use Empowerment Oils for themselves and/or their clients. The Oils are exclusively from Young Living. There is also an opportunity to save and earn money below. 

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have used empowerment oils (that's what I call them) for myself and my clients to help create desired results. Whether I wake feeling a creative block or have a presentation that requires confidence, I know I have an empowerment oil for that. 

Most people know essential oils to have wonderful healing and immune system building qualities but not many know to use them for personal, spiritual and professional development.

Brilliantly labeled, the oils present themselves uniquely and attract those who may need that particularly named Oil Blend. Since we can make no claims, diagnose or prescribe, this surely helps. 

I created THIS page for professionals to learn their options for using and presenting these or any other Young Living oils. 

But first, which professional can benefit from empowerment oils? 

  • Massage Therapists. 
  • Energy Workers
  • Coaches (life, business, wellness, empowerment, health and many more)
  • Solopreneurs can use them to help move through blocks
  • Authors
  • Yoga / Pilates Instructors
  • Therapists
  • Clergy
  • Chiropractors
  • Grief, Group, Recovery counselors
  • The list goes on. 

What can the oils be used for?

  • As the names say, the oils can be used to bring forth or release emotions, fears, desires results and shifts. 

Options for professionals to share Empowerment Oils

  • Shop or direct your clients to shop directly from this site to purchase products at retail price
  • Become a member or guide your clients to do so to receive 24% off retail pricing. (some people prefer not to become a member so the retail option is a viable solution) 
  • Become a member and then create a page just like the one that led you here for your clients to purchase products (I can help) 
  • Create a Professional Young Living account where you can earn up to 40% on your products (which you can order as inventory on hand or delivered to your location) Contact me for information on a Professional Account. 

My hope is that you enjoy the Empowerment Oils as much as I and my clients do. I am available if you'd like to discuss how I use them effectively.