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Special Requests

Our customers occasionally ask us about a special request. For the most part, we can and love to help. So don't hesitate to ask. 

Contact us for any of the following requests:

  • Editing our current design - Maybe you want an image on a different product or to change the size. Give us the opportunity to give you what you want. 
  • Creating a design for you - This is perfect for the professional who wants to create images that convey their philosophy or message. We currently have designs for coaches but can accommodate almost any industry.  (pricing and details will be discussed during a free consultation) 
  • Creating a design to sell or give away - If you are having an event, a conference or a family reunion, we can create a design for you or you can provide one for us. We can then create a special page just for your members to purchase your items. 
  • Creating something new - Hey, we don't know the vastness of your imagination, but let us in if you want us to help you design it! 

Don't forget to contact us, we love a challenge!